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What is Scene Connect?

Scene Connect is software that lets you sync photos from your PC or Mac to your smartphone so that you can view, organize, and edit them with Scene. To use Scene Connect you need to install the Scene app on your smartphone.


  • Sync folders easily by simply dragging and dropping them onto Scene Connect.
  • Sync up to 3,000 photos for free.
  • Scene Connect optimizes your photos for smartphone, so they sync quickly and don’t waste storage space.
  • Upgrade to Scene Premium to sync unlimited photos.

Learn more about Scene Connect:

How do I use Scene Connect?

Download the Scene Connect installer (for Windows or Mac):

  • After downloading, run the installer.
  • Next, pair Scene Connect with the Scene app on your smartphone: First open Scene Connect and proceed to the “Pair with the Scene app” screen. Then scan the QR code with your smartphone by opening the Scene app and going to More > QR Reader.
  • Drag and drop folders you want to sync onto the Scene Connect window.
  • On your smartphone you will receive a Scene notification that “New folders were added to XX”. Tap the notification. After selecting the folder you just added, tap OK to start syncing. Now your computer’s photos will appear in the Scene app.
  • When new photos are added to the synced folder on your computer, they will be automatically sent to Scene on your smartphone. If synced photos don’t appear in Scene, pull the photo list down to refresh the view.

Learn more in the Scene Connect User Guide.

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